Tonight, while leaving the mall, I held the door open for 2 ladies.

“Thank you SO much!” one said, with a giant smile.

“THANK YOU!” the other said, reassuringly.

And it dawned on me in how BADLY we are in need of more moments like this. As a society, we’re literally walking around on eggshells trying to not blow up at someone, or hoping someone doesn’t blow up at us. Hell, all it takes is 5 minutes of driving ANYWHERE in the Bay Area to completely lose faith in humanity.

But I assure you- behind every horn honked, every voice raised, every person that’s riding your tail when they shouldn’t be- is a person that’s DESPERATELY wondering if there are any good people left in the world.

Because the truth is, we’ve been BOTH. The angry driver flipping everybody off, and the surprised shopper that can’t believe a stranger is holding the door open for them.

You know which one feels better.

So I challenge you this weekend to do something nice for a stranger. Be present when you do it. Look in their eyes when they say, “thank you.” FEEL their gratitude. And SEE them. Really see them.

Because in their happiness, in their awe, in their reassured state that there ARE good people left in the world-

You will see you, too.

One of my favorite photos from yesterday. I am so grateful for the opportunity to spend time with our listeners. To really know them, their lives, what they’re going through, what makes them laugh, what makes them happy, etc.

We spent the ENTIRE day with them. 11am-11pm. I’ve never actually done a radio event where I got to spend that much time with listeners. At first I was nervous. We all were. None of us really knew each other. Would it be weird? Would it be uncomfortable? What if we got bored? But then, something glorious happened:


We got drunk.


Just kidding. Well, not really. We “tasted.” A few times. At a few different wineries. Went to private lunch at Tra Vigne. Saw an amazing concert at night. We laughed. Talked shit. Danced. Made fun of each other. And suddenly, we weren’t “listeners” or “DJs” anymore.


We were friends.


Road the bus home at midnight last night and couldn’t believe how much fun I had. And how lucky I felt to have spent time with these people.  I am HONORED that were able to be part of their day. Their healing process.  Their memories. Or, at the very least,  a cool way to get free food and drinks.


Sending my love and gratitude to you,


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