I just watched “Extreme Cougar Wives.” And it inspired me so much that I physically had to write.

I had the show on as background as it’s raining, I just made soup, and wanted to give myself an hour to f**k off. That means shitty reality TV. Yet, not even 10 minutes into it and I found myself amazed at these women’s journeys and thinking about myself, and my own future.

For example- Hattie is 76. She is an open, free spirit. She wears make-up. Is in touch with her body. Goes dancing. Playful. Flirty. And witty as hell. She went on a blind date with a GORGEOUS 29-year-old who had no idea the woman he was meeting would be 47 years older than him.

At first he was taken aback. But, like a gentleman, he stayed and had dinner with her. Flirted. They conversationally played “tennis”, with one hitting the ball into the other’s court, and the other hitting back. At the end of the date, he looked straight in the camera and said he’d go on another date with her.

And he did! There he was, walking with her in Central Park, looking into her eyes, with his arm around her. Yes, everyone looked. Like, EVERYONE. But for them, it was date #2. And it was fun.

I don’t really know what my point is in writing this. I guess I just really love and appreciate where they are BOTH coming from.

Hattie is allowing herself to FULLY express herself. Her sexuality. Her sensuality. Her style. And her date- while fully knowing the age difference- was engaged. Because he saw her spirit, and her essense.

That’s all we really are. We are spirits expressing ourselves in human form. And if you look into someone’s eyes- if you are fully present with them- you will feel so much more than what your eyes can physically see.

I’m also particularly drawn to this because, as a woman, I find it inspiring to watch other women be bold and brave enough to be themselves, regardless of age. I want that confidence in myself. I don’t have it yet. And like it or not, our society shames women for growing older. It’s unfortunate, and even me- now at 33 years old- asks questions like, “When I grow old….will I be outcast? Will I still be desired? Will I get cheated on? How many times will I get cheated on? Will I still be sexual? Does it really diminish with age? Will anyone even want me in that way?”

Hattie did not have one fiber in her being that even ENTERTAINED those thoughts. She just doesn’t have time for them. She’s too busy dancing, and nailing 20-somethings. So, hat’s off to Hattie.

May she show us what it really looks like to go out with a bang.

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